Buy a Yearbook

Current Yearbook

2017 yearbooks Are now available Here!

Our 2017 yearbook and add-ons are now available for purchase from Jostens (The Thistle's publisher).

Helpful Hints:

  • Yearbooks include commencement, so please expect shipment of The Thistle in September after graduation.
  • Use a billing or shipping address that will be relevant during the summer, after graduation.

Parent Ads


For the 2017 yearbook, we will be offering parent advertisements. Parents will be able to buy ads ranging in size from 1/8th of a page to a full page. 

past editions

If you're interested in acquiring a past yearbook, get in touch with our Business Manager. If a copy is available, we'd be more than happy to get it to you! 

Note that pricing for past editions depends on the age of the book:

  • 2015: $50
  • 2014: $40
  • 2013: $35
  • 2012: $30
  • 2011: $25
  • 2010: $20
  • before 2010: $15

Shipping costs are included in this price.