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The Thistle 2018

Our 2018 yearbook and add-ons is available for purchase from Jostens (The Thistle's publisher). Check it out on:

Parent ads can be purchased at the link below! Please submit them before May 1st.

Helpful Hints:

  • Yearbooks include commencement, so please expect shipment of The Thistle in September after graduation.
  • Use a billing or shipping address that will be relevant during the summer, after graduation.

The Thistle 2018

no longer available to purchase online

Miss the May deadline? We have a few extra yearbooks available to purchase, so contact our business manager to get on our order list. The cost will be $70.

    Parent Ads

    Are available for online purchase (see link above) 

    For the upcoming yearbook, Senior recognition ads are a great way to personally honor your student. Ads will be included in all books!

    past editions

    If you're interested in acquiring a past yearbook, get in touch with our Business Manager, Anthony Su. If a copy is available, we'd be more than happy to get it to you! 

    Note that pricing for past editions depends on the age of the book:

    • 2017: $60
    • 2016: $50
    • 2015: $40
    • 2014: unavailable
    • 2013: $35
    • 2012: $30
    • 2011: $25
    • 2010: $20
    • before 2010: $15

    Shipping costs are included in this price.